Retweets and Money in Hats

I've decided to retweet more. Such a simple life decision. But I reckon it'll have really good consequences. (In fact, I have proof that it will.)

I've been revelling in what I've decided to label my "entrance into the art world." I feel I've always been on the peripheries - admiring artists and projects, but not acting like a producer or proper celebrator. With the advent of this blog of mine a whole tidal wave of stuff is going on behind the scenes where I'm trying to be a better encourager of arts.

It started in Paris, as all things must. (That sentence didn't fully make sense or have any context but I like how it sounds so I'm leaving it.) I was on the metro when a guy whipped out a guitar and continued to play the best version of Ho Hey I've ever heard. And although it wasn't the first time, I knew I had to give this guy some change. And then I kept doing it. And every time I do throw some money in a hat/tin/instrument case two things happen: #1 I feel like a Supporter of The Arts, and #2 I AM a Supporter of The Arts! So not only am I giving myself an ego boost, I'm LEGIT HELPING PEOPLE MAKE STUFF THEY WANT TO MAKE.

Which leads to retweeting. It's the penny in the hat of the internet. Actually, it's more (and less). It's more because exposure is the best gift you can give an artist. (It's less because I'm not actually giving anyone money. But exposure leads to money. So, really, it's ++.) I've started retweeting things I like! What a simple concept. And yet, one day into this conscious decision IT'S ALREADY PAYED OFF. I retweeted a video from a creator I've admired for a very long time, and because of that he (I figure) checked me out and followed me! Because you know what artists love? When people share their art. ITS A FEEDBACK LOOP, FOLKS.

So go retweet my content. Share stuff. It makes everyone happy.