Notebook Experiment // Before

A lot of the writers (and other artists) I've been reading about lately have mentioned how helpful they find the physicality of a notebook. Neil Gaiman, for example, went out and bought a fountain pen when he started writing Stardust. It also just feels like an artist type thing to do, and if I can't be an artist, well gosh darnit I'll look like one. I'm about to leave home for five days (a day in London and then four days in Rome) and have decided to take this empty (empty now that I ripped the first quarter of school notes out) notebook with me. Which, actually, is a big thing. Because I'm doing these five days of travelling with just one backpack and taking dead weight is something I always avoid. But I'm going for it! For these five days I'll try my best to fill it with whatever I think an artist would put in there (because I'm a beautiful phony) and when I come back I'll make a post about how this experiment works out with some pictures of what I manage to put in there!

This'll be fun, yeah? WHO DOESN'T LOVE A BEFORE AND AFTER REVEAL? Everyone does.