Notebook Experiment // After


If you didn't read Part 1, I decided to take a notebook with me for a few days of travel to try and see if it got me to write more. I could fill the pages with anything and everything. No rules. Just to fill it.

The first problem wasn't content based, it was size. My notebook was too big to fit in my pocket, and I needed it to be handy. So on the train I realized I had to rip it in two. Which was NOT an easy feat. Not only was it tough to try and rip all of the pages and the covers with some resemblance of order, but it was so SO loud and I felt bad for everyone on the train around me.


After I had something manageable, something I could easily whip out of my pocket and shove back out of sight, I started trying to fill it. At first it was all very mundane things, mini observations or quick thoughts.


As I started to get into the swing of things, though, my writing became much longer. It was intrinsically tied with my travelling alone - I could be walking along, think of something I wanted to write about, and then sit down and write about it for 15 minutes or 2 hours. I have lots of thoughts on the majesty of travelling alone, and I won't dump them all here, but the combination of travelling on my own and writing some of my thoughts down felt like I was finally sorting through my brain. I say finally because it felt like a relief - as if I'd been meaning to do it for ages and had never had the time.


Our conclusions? This was brilliant. 10/10, do recommend. What I find most challenging now, after returning home and being surrounded by people, is finding the time. But that's a challenge for anything, and the only solution is to MAKE the time. I've now bought tiny notebooks, because let's get real I looked ridiculous, and can't wait to fill them with all sorts of things. I haven't written this much in ages - it feels safe writing in my notebook, very much as though there is no audience but myself. What everyone said is true (gosh darnit) - writing by hand really makes you forge forward and not spend time constantly editing yourself like you do when typing things out.

Do you use notebooks? Do you think you would give this a try? (I think you should!) Is there any difference between writing something out in a notebook or typing something out in the notes app? (You definitely look more legit with a notebook, just saying.)