Designated Writing Time

In my "I'm Back and Ready to Write!" post I mentioned that leaving my blog also made me leave writing. The main reason was that I lost my designated writing time. WHICH BRINGS ME TO TODAYS TOPIC. Along with my friend Alia, (hi, Alia!) we have started Writing Wednesdays. Every single Wednesday we meet at a café in our city and write for about 3 hours. We're not working on anything together, but we are working together. We hold each other accountable - "I'm not going on twitter if she's writing!" "This is a special time, I should write!" "If she's being productive I want to be productive too!" And for me, because it's a 35 minute drive to the cafe, "I came all this way, I want to get at least one post done!"

I've found these Writing Wednesdays indispensable. Writing is tough work, it requires so much effort and so much focus. It's tough to do casually, and so I mostly don't. Which is why these sessions are so great - I can't forget them, and during them I only have one goal: to write.

Now those sessions have been amazing, but I can't just get away with three hours of writing a week (especially since it's more like 2 hours since the café has internet and I have an addiction problem). I need to implement a few more dedicated sessions for myself. Maybe one day I'll be able to get away with writing without a schedule, but I need to be honest with myself and admit that right now I can't pull it off. I need the designated time to stay focused and make it a priority.