I couldn't tell you what inspired me to make the title a hashtag. I thought I'd make a little post sharing what projects I'm currently trying to make happen.

1) Short Stories - Last year I shared a short story of mine, Acetone [click here to read it], with the world and it was such a bizarre feeling. I've realized since then that reading that story to everyone was the first time I ever consciously made art and then shared it. Obviously I share YouTube videos, but they feel distinctly different. I've also had piano recitals, but they were only ever attended by other piano students so it never felt legitimate. This was me, writing something, throwing it at people who didn't know any of the context, and then just holding on to my seat waiting to hear back. I want to do more of that. I've created a page on this here website to post stories to. That'll be good, eh?

2) Non-fiction Essays - I'M WRITING A BOOK. Yeah. That's right. I've become that person. "I'm writing a book," she says, to the distress of everyone around her. It's a non-fiction book, even more disappointingly. I'm really jazzed about it. I'm following in the footsteps of my main love George Orwell, and I'm writing a collection of completely erratic and unrelated essays. I'm not sure in what capacity I want to share this project, but we'll figure something out.

3) Photo Collaboration with [Greg] - This is a minor project, but I'm genuinely very excited about it and so I thought I'd bring it up! A while ago Greg sent me a cool tumblr set [see here] and I loved it and figured we could do something similar. We've had scheduling problems, we keep getting ill, but this is something I want to do before I go back to Canada. I'm particularly excited about this one because a) it's a collaboration with someone I want to collaborate with, b) I've not ever done anything with photography before (except for instagram, and I mean, no), c) it's very hands on with the sewing element, which I think will be lots of fun. My current embarrassment is that I had to leave my pretty Canon T5i back in Canada and am therefore going to have to take pictures on my point-and-shoot which I use for vlogging. BUT OH WELL. I won't let my tools keep me down!

These are the things I currently have on the go. If anything else comes up, I'll let you know! Because I can! Because I have a blog! HOW EXCITING, EH?