February Challenge: Writing 14 Poems

Time to look back at last month's writing challenge! In February I challenged myself to write 14 poems. I've been enjoying poetry lately and thought it'd be fun to challenge myself to write more than I usually do. I chose 14 simply because it was Valentine's Day on the 14th. I agree that the logic is lacking. How'd I do?.....

Pretty well, actually! I'm surprised! Part way through the month (okay, near the end of the month) I realized I hadn't been making a conscious effort to really sit down and write poems but that through jumping on inspiration and writing poems right when I thought about them - instead of mulling them over for ages and not ever writing anything down like I usually do - I actually managed to write more than usual! The big question is did I write 14 poems. And the small answer is no. I wrote 5. Which isn't even close to the target. But is still so much more than I usually write that I feel happy about it. Here are two of my favourites:




1/ It's a really great idea to write things down the second they come to you. That way you actually make something! Later on you can edit or tweak or add or despise, but at least you've actually let one of your ideas come to life. Especially if you're like me, aka a mess, and don't currently have writing as a scheduled part of your day, this is important to getting stuff down. I had two ideas for poems throughout the month - one about waking up to the sight of flowers and one about a lost letter - that I didn't act on and I wish I had. I let them build up in my head instead of letting them out. I still haven't written them! Booooo, Ariel!

2/ Accept that your first draft will be bad but do it anyway. I wrote a poem out of anger this month. It was FANTASTIC. I kid you not! I was angry and so I just started writing a messy awful poem that now actually exists. And maybe I'll never look at it again. Or maybe I'll craft it into something better. But the point is that we can't make something great if we haven't made anything at all.

This was a really fun challenge, something I had in the back of my mind the whole month and made me try to write more. I wasn't as successful as I aimed to be, but this is all a growing thing, eh? I have never in my life written five poems in one month. It's all improvement!

March Challenge: Share My Stuff! I've decided I need to stop hiding my stuff. Art is fun because you can share it (among other reasons) (sometimes the fact that you don't have to share art is the best part) (so really I'm full of lies and contradictions). I want to share my stuff! I want to experiment with performance, learn to take feedback, and grow my confidence in shouting out about my art. My goals for March are threefold: to upload a performance of one of my poems to YouTube, to do a live performance at a spoken word event, and to submit something to a publication for print. These are three very different ways of sharing my work but three things I have been wanting to do for a long time. Join me in making March a month of sharing!