12 Months, 12 Writing Challenges

Writing is still very new to me. Because of where I've grown up the actual action of writing is something I've been doing since I was tiny, and because of school I've written hundreds (maybe thousands?! That's a frightening thought..) of assignments, but the action of setting out to write creatively with no motivator is new. Never before have I been so conscious of my want to write. Along with that newness can come shyness and trepidation and so I want to combat that with shameless excitement and experimentation. I've decided to set myself a different writing challenge every month. That will give me ~30 days to try something new. I feel like a month of effort for any project is enough time to test the waters. At the beginning of each month I'll write a blog post sharing my self-challenge, and then at the end of the month I'll post a summary of my thoughts! 

Starting off with January, let's go! Because we're already half-way through January, and I'm back in school, I've decided to start off easy. My January challenge is to write in my journal everyday. There's no limit or theme, just simply to write something.

I have a few ideas for really exciting challenges but not 12 yet, so if you have any suggestions  leave them in the comments - I'd love to hear from you! I can't wait to share how these work out, and here's to having a great year of writing!