Weekly Story: Rose & Blue

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And we're off!

This is the first story in my new weekly stories project and imma be honest .. I'm not super jazzed about it. I wrote it on a bus driving between Budapest and Prague, which is a good "I'm a writer" story, but was actually HELLA uncomfortable. My pen was all over the place, and writing was dizzying.

The story is about two bunnies. Because I'm literally ALREADY out of ideas. It's about a bunny (should I say rabbit? is the term "bunny" patronizing to bunnies?) that realizes that her comfort isn't actually comfort, it's a pattern. And then someone comes along that shakes everything up. It's super short, and I want to edit it a bit more, but I don't have time! So oh well! Cause this story is going up! Cause this is the project! And we must stick to the project!

I hope you enjoy some aspect of it, and I look forward to hearing any feedback.

Oh, also. I don't know how to indent in Wordpress yet. So. HAH. We're gonna have to accept that until I figure it out. (We're learning together! It's fun, I promise.)