Poem: Waiting Room

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I accidentally wrote a poem. I say accidentally because when I started writing this piece I thought I was writing a short story. But when it was finished I had a poem sitting in front of me.

I was at the doctor's a few days ago and I saw a woman whose shoes looked beautiful, but also incredibly painful. The reason it made me sad was because she looked around 60 years old and I felt that surely at her age she deserved a break from uncomfortable shoes. I couldn't stop thinking about it and today I decided to write about it. I had no ideas in mind. Just the vision of her shoes hugging her feet too tightly. As I was writing the first paragraph/stanza came out as a bunch of one liners and I decided it would be fun to implement a rule: no lines could spill over onto a second line.

This ended up being a really fun little project. A new medium and something I want to keep working with. Poetry has always felt very inaccessible to me - like I'm not deep enough to write it. This was fun to write, I actually really like it, and I want to do more, so forget that! I'm deep enough! I HAVE FEELINGS TOO.

I hope you like it and I'm excited to hear any feedback!