Poem: i am the Mistress

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I am currently amidst the panic of several work-in-progresses and so instead of sharing something new (they're not finished yet!) I've dug into the backlogs of stuff I've written and decided to share something I wrote a while ago.

Last week I posted a poem and I had a lot of fun with it, and it got me thinking: well, I think I've written a poem before! And here it is! I thought it would be interesting to post because it shows some interesting similarities and differences to the poem from last week. (Are you proud of me? I've posted new content for three weeks in a row! WOO! Let's keep it up!)

This poem came from a question I asked myself: can it be called cheating if the relationship is completely one sided? If nothing explicit or set in stone ever happens? Could you be a mistress to yourself? I remember making a point of never capitalizing the letter "i" because I wanted to emphasize how the main character had lost her self-worth. I quite like the poem, but I also think there's lots of room for improvement: I don't like the quotation section at the beginning, I think it ruins the feeling of inner monologue, i think the plot isn't fully explained, and I don't like the last line because it feels quite cheesy. I think it's important to look back at past things and read them from a critical, almost objective, angle. We can't improve if we don't reflect, I reckon!

I hope you like it and take something away from it. I'd love love love if I could get some ideas on how this poem compares to last week's!