I’M A CLICHÉ! I ACCEPT IT! I’m the worst! I abandoned my blog. The sentence most universally uttered on the internet. Letting your blog fall to the wayside is basically a right of passage at this point. I think it’s sad – both for the audience who was (hopefully) enjoying the content, and for the content producer who falls out of the habit of creating. I very firmly believe that reading is a habit you need to maintain. Once you make reading a part of your life you’ll find it easier to prioritize and you’ll actually start feeling weird if you don’t read. If, however, you fall out of the habit, you’ll start to forget why you even love reading and will find it difficult to prioritize above things like scrolling through Twitter. I have a lot less experience writing than I do reading, but I think the same concept applies. When I was writing consistently it was something that was more present in my mind. The more I did it the more fun I had and the more I wanted to do it; it was a very positive feedback loop. Even just the process of writing a short update-y blog post was productive. Once I fell out of the pattern I started to forget about writing and forget about making it a priority.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I had my reasons (mainly travelling). If I want to make writing a thing in my life, though, I need to keep it up. For me this blog holds me responsible. It reminds me that I want to write, and it gives me a place to proudly post things instead of having them sit quietly and nervously in a folder on my hard drive.

SO HERE WE ARE AGAIN. I think writing a weekly story was a bit too much. I need the pressure of a schedule and consistent writing, but creating something I genuinely liked every week was not possible. I’m going to aim for bi-weekly. Two stories a month that I’ve put effort into. I think I can do that! Apart from the short stories I had a lot of fun with my notebook project and want to do more experimental ‘before & after’ projects like that, too. I’m also going to be launching a new feature that I’m really excited about! I read a lot and learn about writing with every word that I read. I have a booktube channel dedicated to talking about my opinions on the books themselves, but I think it’d be a fun feature for this blog to write about the books I read in relation to what they’ve taught me about writing.

I think that’s more than enough for now! I’m really happy to be back.