Well, it's happened. I can live in denial no longer - I'm back in school!


I was having so much fun keeping the blog up but with the return to school and a very intense sickness (hello, bronchitis, my old friend) I had to let things slow down for a little while. The positive thing is that being back in school means I have to be more organized (sort of) and am going to be able to devote a special time to writing! So we should be back to our weekly posts next week. In the meantime I thought I'd leave you with some cool things that I've been doing lately:

1) I did an interview and guest post for andPOP! It was a fun experience to do an interview, but also quite nerve-wracking. I know that the way I speak and the way I write are two vastly different things, and so trying to answer questions while talking to a person but knowing that they are going to be transcribed to text is a challenge. Mainly I just hope that the love of what I do shines through. Check them out!

2) I GOT A COOL APP. It's called "Forest" and it's, essentially, a timer. You set it anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours and then you hit "plant." The concept is that if you do anything on your phone it will kill your seed - the goal is to stay away from your phone and focus on a specific task until your seed grows into a tree! Hopefully, through productivity, you can grow a little forest each day. I've been finding it really useful for emails and reading and am going to start using it for writing.