Well. It's come to this. I want to write more. But that isn't going to happen unless I WRITE MORE. So, because I'm out of ideas and constantly crunched for time, this is what we're going to do.

Every. Single. Week. EVERYSINGLEWEEK. You're going to get a new story from me.

Wanna be frank? Most of them will probably be awful. They'll be underdeveloped and a bunch of them will be written in a flurry of "OHIFORGOTTOWRITEMYSTORY" madness, but that's okay because some of them will be great. And all of them will be writing. They'll all come from a part of my mind. They'll all express something I wanted to share. They'll all be ideas that I can then decide whether or not to continue to develop or to throw away away away away away.

We're going to be kind to Ariel. If she misses a Tuesday you'll get it on Wednesday, cause sometimes life happens. But I'm committing.

Get ready.