Well, it's happened. I can live in denial no longer - I'm back in school!


I was having so much fun keeping the blog up but with the return to school and a very intense sickness (hello, bronchitis, my old friend) I had to let things slow down for a little while. The positive thing is that being back in school means I have to be more organized (sort of) and am going to be able to devote a special time to writing! So we should be back to our weekly posts next week. In the meantime I thought I'd leave you with some cool things that I've been doing lately:

1) I did an interview and guest post for andPOP! It was a fun experience to do an interview, but also quite nerve-wracking. I know that the way I speak and the way I write are two vastly different things, and so trying to answer questions while talking to a person but knowing that they are going to be transcribed to text is a challenge. Mainly I just hope that the love of what I do shines through. Check them out!

2) I GOT A COOL APP. It's called "Forest" and it's, essentially, a timer. You set it anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours and then you hit "plant." The concept is that if you do anything on your phone it will kill your seed - the goal is to stay away from your phone and focus on a specific task until your seed grows into a tree! Hopefully, through productivity, you can grow a little forest each day. I've been finding it really useful for emails and reading and am going to start using it for writing.

Poem: i am the Mistress

\\\ Click here to read “i am the Mistress” ///

I am currently amidst the panic of several work-in-progresses and so instead of sharing something new (they're not finished yet!) I've dug into the backlogs of stuff I've written and decided to share something I wrote a while ago.

Last week I posted a poem and I had a lot of fun with it, and it got me thinking: well, I think I've written a poem before! And here it is! I thought it would be interesting to post because it shows some interesting similarities and differences to the poem from last week. (Are you proud of me? I've posted new content for three weeks in a row! WOO! Let's keep it up!)

This poem came from a question I asked myself: can it be called cheating if the relationship is completely one sided? If nothing explicit or set in stone ever happens? Could you be a mistress to yourself? I remember making a point of never capitalizing the letter "i" because I wanted to emphasize how the main character had lost her self-worth. I quite like the poem, but I also think there's lots of room for improvement: I don't like the quotation section at the beginning, I think it ruins the feeling of inner monologue, i think the plot isn't fully explained, and I don't like the last line because it feels quite cheesy. I think it's important to look back at past things and read them from a critical, almost objective, angle. We can't improve if we don't reflect, I reckon!

I hope you like it and take something away from it. I'd love love love if I could get some ideas on how this poem compares to last week's!

Week Notebook Project // Before

A few months ago I did a project called "Notebook Experiment" where I started carrying a notebook around with me everywhere I went to try and write more. It was a great success - during my travels I would often stop and take sometime to write, or in normal life if I ever had a thought or idea or observed something I thought was interesting I would quickly jot it down. The main brilliance was in it's convenience - it was always in my pocket. After returning home, however, my project fell apart a little bit. There are two reasons: 1) I don't really leave my house very often in my normal life, and so I wasn't going out, notebook in hand, ready to write. I haven't been taking much inspiration from my house, and so my notebook sat alone, and 2) it's summer, it's hot, and I can't wear the jacket with the pocket that fits the book and pen. (A logistical but legitimate issue.)

I've decided to do another project! I have a small Moleskin notebook that is currently perfectly empty, and I am going to give myself one week to fill it. I'm hoping that this will make me more aware of writing, will boost my focus on writing, and will remind me that even at home (where I'll be spending most of this week) I can be productive!

When the week is up I'll post an update on how it went, with a few select pictures of written pages! I hope you're excited, because I definitely am!


Poem: Waiting Room

\\\ Click here to read “Waiting Room” ///

I accidentally wrote a poem. I say accidentally because when I started writing this piece I thought I was writing a short story. But when it was finished I had a poem sitting in front of me.

I was at the doctor's a few days ago and I saw a woman whose shoes looked beautiful, but also incredibly painful. The reason it made me sad was because she looked around 60 years old and I felt that surely at her age she deserved a break from uncomfortable shoes. I couldn't stop thinking about it and today I decided to write about it. I had no ideas in mind. Just the vision of her shoes hugging her feet too tightly. As I was writing the first paragraph/stanza came out as a bunch of one liners and I decided it would be fun to implement a rule: no lines could spill over onto a second line.

This ended up being a really fun little project. A new medium and something I want to keep working with. Poetry has always felt very inaccessible to me - like I'm not deep enough to write it. This was fun to write, I actually really like it, and I want to do more, so forget that! I'm deep enough! I HAVE FEELINGS TOO.

I hope you like it and I'm excited to hear any feedback!



I’M A CLICHÉ! I ACCEPT IT! I’m the worst! I abandoned my blog. The sentence most universally uttered on the internet. Letting your blog fall to the wayside is basically a right of passage at this point. I think it’s sad – both for the audience who was (hopefully) enjoying the content, and for the content producer who falls out of the habit of creating. I very firmly believe that reading is a habit you need to maintain. Once you make reading a part of your life you’ll find it easier to prioritize and you’ll actually start feeling weird if you don’t read. If, however, you fall out of the habit, you’ll start to forget why you even love reading and will find it difficult to prioritize above things like scrolling through Twitter. I have a lot less experience writing than I do reading, but I think the same concept applies. When I was writing consistently it was something that was more present in my mind. The more I did it the more fun I had and the more I wanted to do it; it was a very positive feedback loop. Even just the process of writing a short update-y blog post was productive. Once I fell out of the pattern I started to forget about writing and forget about making it a priority.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I had my reasons (mainly travelling). If I want to make writing a thing in my life, though, I need to keep it up. For me this blog holds me responsible. It reminds me that I want to write, and it gives me a place to proudly post things instead of having them sit quietly and nervously in a folder on my hard drive.

SO HERE WE ARE AGAIN. I think writing a weekly story was a bit too much. I need the pressure of a schedule and consistent writing, but creating something I genuinely liked every week was not possible. I’m going to aim for bi-weekly. Two stories a month that I’ve put effort into. I think I can do that! Apart from the short stories I had a lot of fun with my notebook project and want to do more experimental ‘before & after’ projects like that, too. I’m also going to be launching a new feature that I’m really excited about! I read a lot and learn about writing with every word that I read. I have a booktube channel dedicated to talking about my opinions on the books themselves, but I think it’d be a fun feature for this blog to write about the books I read in relation to what they’ve taught me about writing.

I think that’s more than enough for now! I’m really happy to be back.




Weekly Story: Mask

\\\ Click here to read “Mask” ///

Well, maybe starting this project amidst exam season wasn't my BEST idea. Apologies that this is late. But it's here. And that's all that counts.

I don't know how much I want to divulge about the feelings behind this story. It's about unfulfilled desire. It's about being lazy and about meticulous detail. It's about mundanity mixing with luxury.

I'm going to leave it at that. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Weekly Story: Rose & Blue

\\\ Click here to read "Rose & Blue" ///

And we're off!

This is the first story in my new weekly stories project and imma be honest .. I'm not super jazzed about it. I wrote it on a bus driving between Budapest and Prague, which is a good "I'm a writer" story, but was actually HELLA uncomfortable. My pen was all over the place, and writing was dizzying.

The story is about two bunnies. Because I'm literally ALREADY out of ideas. It's about a bunny (should I say rabbit? is the term "bunny" patronizing to bunnies?) that realizes that her comfort isn't actually comfort, it's a pattern. And then someone comes along that shakes everything up. It's super short, and I want to edit it a bit more, but I don't have time! So oh well! Cause this story is going up! Cause this is the project! And we must stick to the project!

I hope you enjoy some aspect of it, and I look forward to hearing any feedback.

Oh, also. I don't know how to indent in Wordpress yet. So. HAH. We're gonna have to accept that until I figure it out. (We're learning together! It's fun, I promise.)


Well. It's come to this. I want to write more. But that isn't going to happen unless I WRITE MORE. So, because I'm out of ideas and constantly crunched for time, this is what we're going to do.

Every. Single. Week. EVERYSINGLEWEEK. You're going to get a new story from me.

Wanna be frank? Most of them will probably be awful. They'll be underdeveloped and a bunch of them will be written in a flurry of "OHIFORGOTTOWRITEMYSTORY" madness, but that's okay because some of them will be great. And all of them will be writing. They'll all come from a part of my mind. They'll all express something I wanted to share. They'll all be ideas that I can then decide whether or not to continue to develop or to throw away away away away away.

We're going to be kind to Ariel. If she misses a Tuesday you'll get it on Wednesday, cause sometimes life happens. But I'm committing.

Get ready.